Covid 19

July  2020… The whole world is affected by COVID-19. A pandemic that the modern society has never seen before.

  • Complete countries are coming out of “lock-down”.
  • Most of the consumer airspace is closed due to all travel bans
  • Children can’t go to school anymore and receive home education, which has a major impact on everyone’s daily activities.
  • People work from home and stay indoor as much as possible to slow down the spread of the virus. In order to give our customers in the frontline services sector a little breathing space to provide care to those whom are infected by the virus.

The government has appealed to the working population in the vital sectors, to continue their work as much as possible, to guarantee “ business as usual” in Ireland  and Europe.

We quickly found out what it meant – as Tranziberia services the food industry which is deemed  “the vital sector” as you can see below:

  • Transport of products throughout all of Europe.
  • Transport and distribution of chilled essential fresh goods
  • Continued supply chain service throughout the Corona virus

From day 1, our drivers stepped in their trucks, without any hesitation – but with the utmost respect for this precarious situation – and have delivered the medicines wherever these were urgently needed.

Also our warehouse personnel have kept working flat-out throughout this whole uncertain period. Necessary precautions have been implemented to ensure our warehouse staff are protected as much as possible

“Social distancing” resulted in half of the team working from the Bagenalstown office location and the other half working from their homes. This, to ensure the continuity from our office /operational team.



Taking all the above into consideration, we want to express – to all Tranziberia employees:

Our upmost respect!
You are an amazing team, of which we are very proud of!



That’s why we would like to thank you again for your countless efforts, and for being so committed in this difficult time. Let’s make Europe a little “ better”  with delivering the goods where necessary to those whom need them the most.

We’d also like to thank our customers, loading- and unloading addresses, for making it possible for our drivers to safely continue working.

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